Amazing New Tax Strategy Guide Written by CPA and Real Estate Investor, Ted Lanzaro, Reveals How You Can Save Thousands in Taxes Every Year on Your Real Estate Investments  
For the past 29 years, CPA Ted Lanzaro has been using these tax strategies to save himself and his real estate investor clients thousands of dollars a year on their taxes.

Now, you can get the same real estate investment specific tax advice he uses for himself and his clients boiled down into a comprehensive, easy-to-read, plain English guide.
Inside this Guide You'll Discover:
  •  How to Use Tax Planning to Tailor Tax Strategies to Your Unique Situation
  •  How to Keep Good Records Easily in Order to Use Money Saving Tax Strategies
  •  How to Become a Real Estate Professional and Get Unlimited Ability to Deduct Your Rental Losses Against Your Ordinary Income
  •  How to Use A Little-Known Method to Legally Accelerate Depreciation Every Year on Every Property You Own
  •  How to Take an Ordinary Loss on the Items You Dispose of When Renovating a Rental Property
  •  How to Leverage Tax Credits to Gain an Unfair Advantage in Bidding Against Other Real Estate Investors
  •  How to Use Your Self-Directed Retirement Plan to Invest in Real Estate and Never Pay a Dime in Taxes Until You Retire (And Maybe Never!)
  •  The Best Way to Safeguard Your Deductions!
  •  The Ten Totally Legal Tax Deductions Most Investors Miss When They Do Their Taxes
  •  How to Tell the Difference Between A Repair (Deductible!) and an Improvement (Depreciated Over Many Years)
  •  How to maximize the qualified business income deduction on your rental properties (new for 2018!)
  •  The Proper Entity Structure to AVOID Rental Property Audits
  •  Three Amazing Methods to Defer Taxable Gains When Selling a Property
  •  What are Opportunity Zones and How Can They Benefit You When Selling Your Investment Properties (new for 2018!)
  •   And Much More…Including (4) Surprise Bonus Worksheets to Help You Implement the Tax Strategies in the Book Emailed to You After You Sign Up. These Worksheets Are What I Use in My Real Estate Business to Save Thousands of Dollars Every Year.
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